Comment: If you want to find truth, lets start at one scientific fact

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If you want to find truth, lets start at one scientific fact

There are no stars in space, you cannot see them, you cannot see the sun. The sun is not a big ball of gas burning in the sky. The sun and stars are only visible through our atmosphere. The sun and the earth are both hollow in the center.

The majority of what people think they know is a lie. "Science" is considered "fact" in our society, until it is proven wrong. This is the problem I have with evolution, or any other >>theory<<. I would never say that God is absolute until I am proven wrong. In fact, it is often if I say that God does not exist that he shows Himself.

I am very religious, and I am because of what my researching has brought me to. If we want the answers we seek we must study.

But let's start somewhere interesting, if the sun is not a ball of burning mass? Where does the light come from?

The sun is a very good place to start, it has been in a cooling cycle since 1998, and it is currently the lowest temperature it has ever been, scientist say, since the dark ages.

I know a scientist who is not a Christian who says the sun is a transformer, that it draws its power from somewhere else, or from another dimension(which is how they also define electricity.)

This is just a start. A scientist in the early 2000's claimed evolution via DNA restructuring was impossible, that our DNA is the exact same as it has always been. It has never mutated.

While i could source(and I have many times here on these forums), the point I'm trying to make is science is ever changing, while creationism remains the same. The conclusion I have come to, is that many things in creationism are proven(while some are not) but it leads me to believe it could have happened. Many things in Evolution are proven, until they are proven otherwise, as more and more science emerges.

The only constant in this logic is creationism. That's one of the reasons I believe. I'm sure others have different viewpoints, and that's fine. These are just my opinions, based on my own researching.