Comment: Ditto for Coastal California

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Ditto for Coastal California

At 8:45 AM it's already 45 degrees outside. But I think the getting here is the hard part, and the ones who need the most help are probably not on the 'net.

But this does illustrate the complete folly of having a federal minimum wage or the concept of a living wage: heating costs make a huge difference in what it is. Cities like Santa Monica attract the homeless not only because they try to, but because the homeless go where they can remain homeless without freezing.

If you raise the minimum wage above the local entry-level point, those jobs go away (e.g., full-service gas station attendant), and those people have to move to somewhere warmer (i.e., cheaper) to be able to have a job. If the job is so essential, it already does pay more in the north where it's cold than it would in the south, so raising it on a one-size-fits-all just makes a mess.

What do you think?