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Good times,

1975 was a special time for me as it was the year I graduated from High School.
It was post “Gas Shortage” of 1973 so fuel prices had began their manipulated rise.
Aside from those things, life seemed good.
As others have wrote, going out and having fun was low impact to the security of our now paranoid society.
Our police force, Township and County officers were local neighbors and friends. Most were known by their first names. ( A major problem we have today as the community is so disconnected )
We had a town cop that was known by all. He was a quiet spoken man who many times used common sense in his daily efforts. If he pulled you over and you were too impaired, and if you were a local person, he would tell you to park the vehicle and he would take you home.
The County police if you were pulled over and you were stinking of weed or beer, most the time they would make you pour out the beer or dump the weed or take the weed for themselves, and that was better than getting busted. Those days, living your life wasn’t a potential security threat as it is today.

Just living your life today is getting to be a criminal act.