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ATF Memo

ATF Memo 2011:

This ATF memo has led to problems for medical cannabis patients. For example, in Hawaii medical cannabis patients are registered with the state, supposedly in confidence. Hawaii requires procurement of a permit from Police before acquiring gun. (See Hawaii Revised Statutes 134-2) Supposedly these two registries are not cross-referenced, but patients are denied permit if they indicate cannabis use, medical or otherwise, or even having a medical cannabis card. Guns are routinely seized from residences wherein cannabis is found, even if a resident is a registered cannabis user. This kind of thing has happened in other states. I am aware of two cases in Oregon wherein sheriff denied registered cannabis patients concealed carry permits (because of memo), patients (from 2 different counties) sued and won, being granted permits on basis that simply having a medical cannabis registration doesn't mean one is using cannabis (though ruling didn't really address heart of ATF memo.) I suspect it's only a matter of time before some Hawaiian medical cannabis patient wealthy enough to sue his county takes up the cause, but until then, this situation has caused anxiety amongst gun owning patients, leading some to choose to not renew their cannabis registration, preferring to risk using cannabis covertly so they can use their guns overtly.

Retarded double standard continues...