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Congratulations, Dad!

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You don't mention what state you live in, but you can find state-specific information on that website. It does vary! Also, be sure your wife is in agreement with you, because she will be the one the docs and nurses will try to bully and shame into giving your newborn all sorts of unnecessary vaccines and "procedures." They will even ask you to leave the room while they try to bully her into these injections!

Also, if she intends on breast feeding the baby, be sure to watch out for interference by nurses & "staff" who "mistakenly" feed the baby with formula while your wife "was resting, and we didn't want to bother her." That is so common I could spit.

Best bet is to have the baby "room in" with your wife, and be sure a close relative can be there for your wife to nap, shower, or rest while they attend the baby for her while they are in the hospital.

Never let the baby out of your sight! NEVER. Then remember to double- and triple-check anything they try to give your baby, especially if they breeze in and act like it's some routine thing with a smile on their face.

Good luck, and again- Congratulations. :)