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congratulations to you.

It is our finest hour. And then it goes on and on. I would do it all over again and enjoy every minute (even more than the first time) but all the good moms are gone. I think the last one left about 10,000 years ago right after they discovered bread. Just kidding.

Check out Dr Mercola, Dr David Brownstein, Dr Tenpenny, Dr Sherry Rogers, Dr Lawrence Wilson,, Dr Wakefield,Natural News.

We had ours vacationed early on and with an extra twist that they were from another country before I woke up and did the fluoride too until 8 years ago. It seems clear to me now that we should have limited vaccines (or gone without)and certainly passed on the fluoride. I even sat my dentist down twice and got his take on fluoride and he assured me of its value. I am now waaaayyyy suspicious of it and many folks in the know will claim it will adversely affect IQ among other things.

I now think that children that have the most trouble with vaccines are those in not the best health to begin with ie: poor health inherited from mom/dad, poor diet, excess stress, etc. It seems accurate that the vaccines prevent the body from building its own immunity. And the vaccines are loaded with toxins. Toxins that are pushed in from a place the body may not be able to effectively remove them.

Now I'm not the mother (in fact I'm a dad) but if I were I would be eating as much natural food as I could, taking cod liver oil, grass fed butter, quality animal fats and protein and cooking well my vegetables for maximum digestibility. I would be getting sun if available, some iodine supplements, maybe some vitamins and minerals, removing chlorine and fluoride from my water, taking daily walks if possible and reading to the unborn child the great books about freedom and liberty. I would avoid caffeine, smoke, drugs and democrats.

The good news is that much harm to the body can be removed via nutritional balancing as per Dr L Wilson. However the best plan would be to avoid the junk beforehand.

The best to you and mom and the baby.