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Comment: Pro-2A Potheads

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Pro-2A Potheads

Maybe we should form a new group, call it potheads with guns or something. ;-) I don't currently own a gun, but I'm a staunch Constitutional absolutist, and I'm a pothead.

I think this confuses people.

Another thing I think might confuse people is that I believe that God created us by way of evolution. ;-D

(well, technically, evolution turned the clay into a biological mechanism that could support life, then Spirit animated it.) Animals are technically alive, but they are, in fact, meat. :-)

By the way, write me in in 2016!

Not all People of the Gun have the reefer madness; I also hang out at and I think most of them are pretty much neutral on the issue - they're not heads, but they're not warriors either. And I think most of them understand that stoners know better than to shoot stoned.

But I have a handy thing for the self-righteous: "Remind me again, which of the 18 Enumerated Powers is it that authorizes Congress to throw people into iron cages for smoking dried flowers?"

Freedom is my Worship Word!