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"You’re not going to ..."

"You’re not going to use marijuana unless you feel like you need it. "

Oh, bullsquirt. I, and I'm reasonably confident millions of others, use it because we like it. It's a euphoriant. It makes you happy. It makes you goofy. It makes everything more fun. It's a sacrament to Mother Earth.

The bloodthirsty warmongers fear and hate it because it makes us peaceful, and Big Pharma fears it and the actual drugs (MJ isn't a drug - it's at most, an herb) because they can't make the big bucks off it. The Government hates it because the Government hates Liberty.
And the Puritans hate it because it's a euphoriant, and to them, pleasure is a sin.

The War on drugs is Bad, m'kay?

Don't Comply! Nullify!

Freedom is my Worship Word!