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In an atheist universe,

In an atheist universe, everything you wrote is simply a mountain of arbitrary subjectivity. Why should what you 'consider' good mean anything to anyone else? And what is this superstitious thing you call 'love' in the universe of colliding particles? Is it material? Is there an atomic number for this element called 'love'? Why do you need this mystical immaterial ghost called 'love' to direct you? How do you experience this 'love', isn't it just the result of chemical reactions inside your bonebox? Please explain this further.

Unstable societies? LOL! The Roman Empire did quite well (longevity wise) and here Magwan warns that societies of slaves and masters are unstable and last only a short time. History says otherwise. But regardless, why should it matter in an atheist universe? You and all your loved ones will soon be off this ride, and you will neither know, nor 'love' (?) those who come after. You simply wont exist.