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Good point: "Let god sort out the morality".

If there is no god, then man by some means determines what is moral, and legal. Whenever there is a lack of consensus as there is with abortion, drug use, gay marriage, etc., neither side should have the power to impose their wills on the other, else we are not free, and we have conflict in society that dangerously divides us; we should error on the side of freedom. If there is overwhelming consensus, of course, nobody is going to object to enforcing this consensus view of morality or legality, as for example the moral objection to and illegality of rape.

If there is a God, and we are capable of figuring out his moral dictates, then any who transgress run the risk of God's wrath and He will of course deal with us in due time. And which God we worship, and which religion we subscribe to will determine which morals and laws we support.

Since there is such a divide both within the US and between the US and certain other nations over Gods, or the lack of their existence, I think we need to butt out of the views of other people, and keep government out of these divided views of morality. Otherwise the force of the state will be wasted in an attempt to enforce what is not enforceable; just look at the failed war on drugs and all the damage that war caused as an example.

One of the reasons the freedom movement is not really progressing is the divide on issues like abortion, homosexuality, and drugs. I think way too many people really don't believe in freedom, but rather believe in imposing their views on others.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.