Comment: ENOUGH!!!!!

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How many more children are going to be killed by POLICE who just "don't have time" in their own words, NOT to shoot your kid?

How much will the public take of this?

The MSM has the sheeple so worked up about law-abiding citizens owning firearms, Sandy Hook and lone-murderers. Meanwhile, Police are violating, and even murdering more innocents, including children than all the lone-nut gunmen in the world could hope to. And they are getting a free pass from the MSM, for the most part.


-"A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a Free state..."

Nothing about police there. In fact we are actually REQUIRED by the CONSTITUTION to NOT have Police, but to have citizens' MILITIAS!
This will keep getting worse and worse until the inevitable roll-out of full on Martial Law. Then it will be unbearable, for liberty-minded individuals.

So when do we push back? We should be demanding the MSM cover these police-state-brutality stories, that we see multiple of daily at the DailyPaul. Send them emails... Barrage them with phone calls, emails, written letters...

Someone who is good at it and has the time should make a time-line, and start an OP of all the insane police-brutality/murder cases that we see escalating over the past few years, and months. It is snowballing.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?