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I may have known most of it before

but I googled it for details and accuracy when I wrote it. That took all of 5 minutes.

I think they're so convinced that we have other 'major' problems that they take this issue as a joke where they can let their hair down and just have some fun. People just don't realize the chain of events is so strongly tied together. Just a 2 degree warming of everything has already modified the jet stream about 75% of the days of the year. This cold event in the N.E. US and the corollary heat wave in AK (which got NO news) was just one result. When dramatically different seasons in one year lead to over-corrections the next year (drought leads to cold, high melt leads to snow, snow leads to storms, etc.), what will we see next year or the one after that?

And that's just from the jet stream changing. What is the result of the ocean thermal conveyors changing? Will we see northern hemisphereic mini ice age in the same year that Asia gets even worse flooding, followed by 2 months straight of record highs? Will that be enough to trigger social awareness? Or maybe it will take a mass exodus of people the the temperate latitudes from all other latitudes? I just don't know.

But like all other social, political, economic and liberty issues, people don't become active until they can see how it will soon affect their lives directly.