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of people have Rh+ blood. Rh+ means that you share some of the same blood properties as Rhesus monkeys. 15% of people have Rh- blood, and no one knows where that originates from.

Rh- people share similar physical traits: Lower body temperature; higher blood pressure; piercing blue, green or hazel eyes; red, or reddish hair; extra vertebra or ribs; more sensitive senses; sensitivity to heat; and higher than average IQ's.

Many also share...

* A feeling of not belonging.
* They are Truth Seekers with a sense of a "Mission" in life.
* They have empathy and compassion for mankind. They often get empathetic illnesses.
* Higher than average intuition, ESP, and psychic ability. Many have clairvoyant dreams.
* Prone to experience unexplained phenomenon

Interestingly, Rh- people cannot be cloned.

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