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few questions

Is this a ballot issue? Are you going to be on the ballot? Do you have to collect signatures for ballot access? Do you have to pay a fee for ballot access? Is the committee going to vote one of you into office? Is this an inside (committee) vote or a public (election vote)?

You are not running for president, so this should not even be your agenda, Romney, Paul.. I wouldn't talk about any of them.

This is about HER. Your opportunity to learn about HER.

That said.. Could you do the job of secretary no problem?
Could you do the job of the most powerful person on the committee, your treasurer, NO problem?
Can you manage sub-committee chairs?
Have you been to state conventions as a delegate?
Have you ever been a standing delegate?
Do you have a pretty good basic idea of RROO?
Do you KNOW your by-laws?
Do you know anyone in your county clerks' office who will help you out when you beed help?
Do you have connections with other prescint chairs?
Do you attend and have support of:
Republican Women's Federation
Tea Party Caucus
Republican Liberty Caucus
Lincoln Club
Do you belong to any organizations that you pay dues?

If you were running against me, this is what I would want to know about you.