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Bolivia would be pretty well off but somehow in the history, Chile ate it's waterfront. They are one of the few landlocked nations in la America del Sur. This would absolutely and totally SCREW them if not for brokered deals with Chile every hundred years or so. This gets them a railway down through Chile and a port. Where they keep a navy. Yup. They gotta be the only landlocked nation with a salt-water navy.

Like it's neighbors, Bolivia is blessed with minerals and some great agricultural capacity. It has the remnants of industry, textiles and light manufacturing. Unfortunately what they have most of in minerals is tin and tin hasn't seen any recent increases in demand. And anything they can grow someone else can grow better.

Incredibly to us perhaps, the Evo Morales administration, and this is one of those kinda wild socialist types like Chaves over in Venazuela, has done pretty well for their economy, it's grown something like 6.5% and still trends up. To that extent it fits the evolving pattern: things are headed up down South.

South is the new way up! Major trend for 2014: Latin America. Start checking out South American investment, it's part of our future now.