Comment: This used to be a libertarian minded blog.

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This used to be a libertarian minded blog.

Now it's more of a GOP tea party thing.

Some of the old timers who I admired have done a 180 here.

I don't care who is an atheist or a Bible thumper. It seems stupid to argue about religion on this site.

And for all of the folks who are going to support Rand, I guarantee people will link here to the DP for some of the stupid religion fights, just like they would link to all the lizard people posts when Ron Paul was running. If any topic should have been banned, it should have been that one, yet DP chose to ban Boston Marathon Bombing posts because it was 'too controversial'....yet Lizard People and Religion are the two most controversial topics here and are left up for others to come in and rubber neck and link back to the posts and put us in a 'way out there' light.