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Then I'm glad I could help

The groups I mentioned, like the Tea Party Caucus, are represented at conventions, and as chair, what you want to do is give them a voice, a place, support, even if you don't agree 100%.. you're not running for dictator. you are running for enabler, for your committee to grow and flourish, to get funding and be funded.

This is what many long timers want an enabler who can tap funds. In Texas, you recently lost three billionaires who heavily funded events, candidates, issues.. so you have a party that is very concerned where the MONEY is going to be coming from.

It's all about MONEY.. it's a business.. that's why you get endless requests for donations from well organized political campaigns.

Politics is a dirty business (you know this).. so run.. get experience and if you win, delegate, empower people, if you lose, don't quit: the name of the game is to remain. LEARN. LEARN.. you never know what can happen. Run for Vice chair. A person who shows up can do more than a weak chair with no connections.

GOOD LUCK!! Kudios to you. I'm proud of you!!!! And dress nice..