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Comment: Play the mainstream candidate

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Play the mainstream candidate

Play the mainstream candidate except where opponent is extremely weak or unpopular, then hit hard with a more popular unconventional position. You have access to a resource called unconventional opinions, but you should only take the arrows you need out of the quiver. Get a feel for the electorate and the mood, and just play up the issues that will gain you support.

Now, if you know some of your real truly held views will be very popular and go over well, don't hide them, play them up. But don't play up obviously unpopular views, and be careful with the meeting. Why show your hand? Play that very cold, work information out of him but otherwise be a polite black box.

That's how to win the election. If you just want to make a splash and discomfit some voters out of apathy for a few months and force the press to neg cover your views, then yeah lay it on thick.

But if you want to win and then prove the value of your views through results and action, then use the first strategy and don't worry about the purist peanut gallery who just want exciting headlines.