Comment: Re-institued?

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What are you talking about? What do you call the current system other than chattel slavery?

Sure, it would implications over the whole territory for the foreign power or the current slave owners. Not for me. I would just maintain the course of my life, and wait to be threatened with violence in which case I will laugh and ignore.

Until violence has been used or threatened against me, I have not been attacked. The state of Wisconsin might respond but I am not a member of it. I wash my hands of it as soon as its done taking my money. It is just another violent entity that takes my money without my consent. An attack on the state is not an attack on me. An attack on someone's personal property in Massachusetts is not an attack on me. It may be recognized as an attack on the entity of Massachusetts, that's up to them. Doesn't bother me either way as I am not in the business of violence.

I am not threatened when the state is threatened. The state is only a burden to me.