Comment: The religionists are on a guilt trip.

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The religionists are on a guilt trip.

The grim history of "Divine Providence" has them on a guilt trip. The exposure of this errant belief in America's supposed Divine Providence is a grim pill for them to swallow, IMO. We aren't "the good guys." We are not making the world a better place. We aren't on "the Lord's side." Our government is corrupt to the core. Our wars are killing innocents. We have exterminated as many people if not more than Nazi Germany did from the Korean War to now. There is tyranny all around us, and the presence of the Almighty can only be found on the facade of "In God We Trust" on our worthless money and the Ten Commandments plastered around the SCOTUS. The purity of America's birth, which I believe was Divinely inspired, has been defiled by demons, and the religionists know this. They have to justify their belief system. Ergo, all of the religious posts.