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Comment: Several comments were very good

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Several comments were very good

Pual didn't mistate he over stated


This wouldn't be the first time that research reported in The Atlantic was quoted towards the opposite of the researcher's findings. I seem to recall a similar situation with an article regarding Section 8 being a cause of crime... Except that the research had nothing to do with Section 8, nor did it come to any such conclusion.

At this point, I suspect the problem may not just be the politicians grabbing onto anything that they can to defend their indefensible positions, but that The Atlantic may not be reporting research as accurately as they should.

This is particularly perplexing since once the false info has gotten into the public's ear, it is very difficult to set the record straight. People will continue to quote the misquotes and won't even believe the original researcher when they emphatically state that the conclusions being misquoted are such!

CA is very diligent in the destruction of all things REPUBLIC and that includes Republicans, or rather especially Republicans.. L A Times knows how CA LOVES to bash Ayn Rand Paul, so they are looking for a blood bath.. oh what fun that is to them (progressive communists).

I agree with the two reader posts from the times.