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Like it or not there are

Like it or not there are Christians in the Liberty movement. They have different beliefs than you but that does not make them Statists or your enemy. In fact their faith, regardless if you believe it or not, may be the counter weight in their life against the scientific dictatorship we face in America today.

Are there numerous Christians in the US that are idiot sheep that live in sin, love the government and wash it away every Sunday? Yes. However there are also people that truly follow Christ's teachings in their life and use it to be better people.

The fact is none of us know for sure what happens when we die, we can speculate, have faith in God or deity or whatever but nobody knows for sure so anyone's beliefs are as valid as another as long as we don't force it down other people's throats.

Its also why we can debate endlessly on the topic, especially when events are slow and we need a break from watching Cops shoot people. At the end of the day, through polite discourse we can learn more about other's beliefs and possibly learn something valuable from it. We can also learn more about our own beliefs and how it relates to other people.

If we cannot do that here on an online forum, there is no way we can manage it in a free society in the real world which we are trying to create.

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.