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While fitting,

frankly I still hate the idea of actively promoting a symbol of evil.

And it boils down to the obvious fact that the Satanists don't actually care about the statue; their entire intent is just to be obnoxious. When there was the whole controversy about the supposed "Ground Zero" mosque, I didn't really see the issue, simply because the builders weren't trying to be trolls, they legitimately wanted to build a place of worship.

And the fact that, you know, it's a representation of evil, depravity, and darkness. The last thing we need is a freaking statue of a demon/Satan (seriously, guys, is this supposed to be Baphomet or Satan?). As much as we joke about the state house being fitting, Oklahoma is really one of the better states out there.

I have a sneaking suspicion that Satanism is like a less-blatant, more philosophical Pastafarianism; it exists for the almost sole purpose of mocking religion as a whole by pretending to be one and using symbols universally reviled by, well, everyone else.