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County Elections office

For a fee, the county elections office or the sec of state will make available a list of all registered voters AND voting history (depending on stat law) for political purposes only (aka not for business.... BIG mistake to use it that way... jail time awaits).

Spend the $20 or whatever they want, get the csv / xls doc. Put it in Excel / LibreOffice and filter out anyone that hasn't voted in at least one primary.

Then get a list of people with 2 primary votes in their history for the GOP. THOSE are engaged and stable voters. Probaqbly with families or grand kids. THOSE are your voters to target.

That should only be 20% (max) of registered voters in your precinct. Very possible to visit several times in a 1-month period.

Door knock. Get a business card and a website (don't give out a card with an email like "" get a professional one like "" .... just to use that as an example).

Space out your door visits so you don't seem eager. And above all, don't door knock on your competition's door! no sense tipping your hand that you are actually campaigning.

Get some basic & simple info on your website. Nothing fancy. Skip all national politics. Just local, hardworking, will represent you to the body politic type stuff.

In Idaho, we are >80% GOP. So my line is that if you want your voice heard, you have to make it heard in the GOP. Your opener will differ.

I have an idea this year to hand out a "Politician Complaint Card" which is really just my website for them to complain to me about any politician they want. Why? Well who DOESN'T want to complain about a politician!

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