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Michael, are you really

Michael, are you really saying you don't want discussion of religion here?

For me religion is so foundational -- whether you're Christian, Hindi, atheist. I've been drawn to libertarian thought (and initially to Ron Paul) precisely because the political philosophy is so into foundational thinking. It is the ever present rubbing of what I assume are my religious/spiritual beliefs trying to square with my developing political philosophy that I get most engaged in personally here.

Sure I read and view the latest news and participate in some of the bombs and letter-writing campaigns, but those are 5-minute endeavors. The bits about the DP that capture more long-term interest are where I'm uncomfortable, where one part of my thinking is rubbing against another. The post being discussed is a great example.

Although I haven't looked at any of the infowars-style, tinfoil hats posts for a while now, I still see titles that allude to such stuff and presume that content written by the addled brained for the addled brain is still fine and good here.

If you are really saying that you don't want people like me discussing things like religion, which is just a subset of philosophy, then I'm going to say goodbye.

Please elaborate.