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since the 'Danger' keeps cropping up...
Here's a MUST tip for any pressure pot owner:

Every time you clean after every use...
REMOVE the rubber lid gasket from the lid.
takes less than 10 seconds.
Remove, clean with soapy water, rinse, dry, replace into lid.

When securing lid to cook...
make sure your arrows/marks line up and it 'clicks' into place.
after cooking/heat
You can either 'wait' until all steam evacuates 'naturally'
Remove pot from stove, take it outside and quickly pull the weighted
pressure relief wobbler cap off... hands and face away (obviously)
It evacuates in less than a minute.. and the little safety lock drops down and allows lid removal.

It's really no big deal.. I've had a Mirro SS pot for more than 20 years... same pot same gasket... works great!