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I was thinking about this last night

And while there are always ways to improve the Daily Paul, I think the issue that you're really getting at is the amount of information on the site. There is just so much of it.

The problem is the same with any medium, including the newspaper. You get the paper. It sits on the table and you plan to read it. You start reading it, but with a big paper like the NY Times, or the WSJ, there is so much information. So many sections!

There is no way you can read the whole thing. And then the next day there is a new paper.

Forget about the online versions. Can you read everything that was posted here, every day?

Again, I'm open to suggestions on how to make it better, as I know Jon is as well.

But I think the fact that a Bernie Sanders story got buried on page 4 is more of a testament to the fact that Bernie isn't too popular around here.