Comment: thanks for clearing that up

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thanks for clearing that up

however i've read posts here bad mouthing and dissing ron paul, trolls no doubt. And, yep, i'm spoiled by ron too, and won't settle for politics as usual, and compromising principles. as for elections i feel it's much more important spreading the libertarian message of ron paul.

re: drones, yes rand was great and then he had to blow it by stating he was okay with a drone taking out someone who had robbed a liquor store. one step forward, two steps back rand.

my distrust of him began at the RNC where he was in total denial about the mistreatment his dad and the supporters were getting. he followed that up with an endorsement of romney who to this day he says he admires and respects.
in my opinion if he wasn't ron's son we probably wouldn't even be discussing him, or he'd get equal time with amash, massie, and a few others.