Comment: Folks are folks in stable times

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Folks are folks in stable times

When there is food, energy, and medicine.. folks deal with their problems.. but when there is riots, runs on stores, people living in fear, pan epidemics, roaming gangs.. folks aren't folks anymore. Their normal lives are shattered.. they're not going home and turning on the TV.

And I'm curious, because you've seen what was a peaceful protest turn into a three year civil war in Syria (and there are many countries histories show us) with MIC from other nations arming gangs, people pouring into the borders willing to wage fights for land/ water.. You think Mexican cartels are going to take a break and get with your idea of "Well, it's will be rough for a little while.."

What I see with your plan is good people being slaughtered by invading nations desperate for the natural resources America has that they desperatly need.

Folks are folks.. yep, and that's why rape, murder, beatings, theft, lying, cheating happen. You ever look at pictures of Syria? Do you think those folks wnt that?

We all have breaking points eh? You think the elite are going to step out and not take advantage of no government? Where in the world have you ever seen that? And all we need are natural disasters to come into play.. never ending forest fires, mud and rick slides, earthquakes, hurricanes to shake things up.

I don't think it would be short.. I think we would see never eanding war, death, destruction.. no clean food and I think we would be invaded by other nations.