Comment: most conspiracy theorists are govt prosecutors

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most conspiracy theorists are govt prosecutors

so what does that say about public vs. private credibility in the land of the free?

what a joke it is to presume government prosecutors are the only experts on conspiracy theory in a world where they live off leveraging sentencing requirements so that they don't have to prove anything.

prosecution is a political game of cat and mouse,by subjecting the morals of society to this game one reveals how immutable authority can become in the face of liberty.

Most Americans today who cowar at the words of conspiracy theorists are indifferent to their self as an American... they will just as easily become the next citizen-in-process.

So, in a "nutshell", I want everyone who reads this to follow my lead and when speaking your mind in conversation wipe the floor with these cowards.

Wipe the floor with their arrogance using concise patience and wit, when they see a meal out of you end the pretension with the truth, and laugh at them because they will be scared of a real man.

Never fear local groupthinks,men who use it are like jello, weak in the guise of force, the world is fertile for libertarians to come into conversation and put them on their knees and make them know the difference between you and them.

A true flower can not blossom without sunlight and a true man can not live without love.