Comment: Changing the Republican Party is a lost cause...

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Changing the Republican Party is a lost cause...

and the time, energy and money spent to make it happen is a massive waste.

Less and less people identify themselves as Republican, rather as an Independent.

The GOP establishment along with their media puppets can control who the nominee will be in 2016.

Trust me, it won't be a liberty candidate and all the liberty-minded delegates will vote for another Neo-con with NO REGRETS (talking to you Granger) so they can keep their seats to fight another losing battle in 2020.

In the meantime, the war machine will ramp-up for Iran, the police-state will continue and the dollar will steadliy plummet to worthlessness.

The Republican party carries a stigma and a recent history that many are waking-up to dislike.

Democrats are waking-up as well to the stigma of their party.

Everyone is waking-up to the lies of both parties and they want something new, not re-branded.

The time is ripe for a new party, one that is not pro-war, not a police-state, one that respects individual liberties.

Oh wait! That's the Libertarian Party.