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ha, ha, ha--

I'm not in Wshington--


The average HIGH in our area for 3 months is far below freezing--

Our neighbors in a home better insulated than ours . . . 5 years ago--

had a $700 heating bill one month--

Their furnace was good, too--

We've never been higher than $600 for a month, and that was before our wood stove was inserted.

It probably is hard for people who don't live in this kind of cold to understand--

in our area there is a program that helps people with heat; people actually donate money through the utility, because it's important that people not freeze--

and it could happen here.

We don't want to be without heat; it's just one of those things that matters to us. But $500 a month is what we eat off--

so . . . it doesn't take a lot of thought to determine what matters--


when it's bitterly cold the heat on our thermostat rarely goes above 65--

so we're not superheating a home--

the outer reaches of the home (where laundry is done, where sleeping happens) are very frigid; we keep those rooms closed to the woodstove---

and just heat the working/heating area--

and we do dry most of our clothes by the woodstove, so--

it works.

fingers can get cold when working in unheated places in the house; some of us wear gloves with fingers free--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--