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In America right now, people have it good compared to many areas where government is unstable.

It only takes one bad person with an AK and rounds to wipe out dozens of GOOD people. It only take one person with a bomb to wipe out dozens of GOOD people.

This is not about GOOD People. I personally believe all people are good people, but they fall into situations that are not good and thus, good people can do bad things. I've seen it and experienced it personally.

If you think other nations will not invade the US.. I don't believe you understand how good we have it, and how others, being GOOD for their people will take advantage of US.

Gang mentality exists.. when I surfed, my turf, my ability to place in the line up.. I found myself in a gang, not because I thought, "Oh wow, I want to be in a gang".

One day.. after making the line-up.. big sets came roaring in.. I got my wave. Some guy that was not from my turf, dropped in on my wave. I did not ask 6 guys to break the the guys board and face and take crow bars to cars and get into a war on the beach, but my place in the line up earned me this unwanted protection. These were good guys.. but the gang mentality swept over them. How dare that guy drop in on me.. I earned respect.. so that's how they paid me respect, by "protecting me".

The only way I could stop this from happening around me, is when someone dropped in on me (as a girl guys who didn't know would challenge me) So, I would have to drown the guy right there in the water and not take the fight to the beach. One on one. And because I'm a strong swimmer and life guard training.. I know how to save and drown people. You don't want to mess with me in the water.. I have a huge advantage HUGE.

We have unwritten rules in surfing.. you learn by "hard knocks" if you don't have a mentor. If government stops.. who is the mentor?

None of the guys who protected me were bad people. They were great guys, good jobs.. nice families.. it's gang mentality and the instict to PROTECT. Because I am a woman, and back then not too many women surfed, and none but Rell Sun went after BIG surf.. so seeing a girl in the big kahuna line up triggered the guys to want to protect me. They were good guys and what they did was wrong, but police, life guards (some of them were).. stayed out of it.. the visitors were told to not return when the police showed up in the parking lot.

And BTW,, we had truces with other turfs.. North swells top line up had permission to surf with us,, south swells we had permission to surf with them. It's just the way it is and no government is going to change it.