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Are you being sarcastic? Or

Are you being sarcastic?

Or do you really think that just because a bureaucrat or legislature writes something saying you can't do something that makes it a 'crime'?

Snowden upheld his oath by telling the truth. It's debatable that he broke a law in doing so. But assuming there is a law against telling the truth, do you really think that makes telling the truth a 'crime'?

Put another way: Have you really conceded your morality, which is your very humanity, to the state?

Most of us have not. If the state makes a law that says slavery is legal (the draft) or theft is legal (taxes) they are still crimes. If the state says honesty is illegal that doesn't make it a crime.

In fact except for the remnants of common law, almost everything illegal is not a crime. Almost everything legal is a crime. We engage in legal criminal behavior all the time, which is a big part of why society is so morally depraved. People forget and confuse morality with legality.

So no, Snowden would be abetting a crime if he turned himself over to people who he knows will commit a crime if he does so.

Putting your head in the mouth of a tiger isn't 'honorable'. It's stupid at best and immoral if people depend on you.

Giving himself over to an even more dangerous and predatory beast called the US government is no different.