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Ha ha ha!

That was awesome. Open up and bleed for me baby!


No one wants to read sad things? The guy's never heard of Ramond Carver? Come on now. Don't get too hung up on him.

BTW, at the last place we stayed in Taipei, I found this book on Shanghai and read a few pages. It is great! The book was a recollection of the author's time there in the 90's, as China was opening back up and Shanghai went from being a place where everyone was riding bicycles wearing drab grey Mao suits, to becoming the city that you saw and lived. She was a young woman at the time, too - mid twenties, so I thought about you when I was reading it.

BTW, Samantha's father was born in Shanghai, before it was "Red" China.

(There were two gems of books in that place. That one was one, and the other was The Social Life of Information, (from the year 2000) which might have some more of that stuff that you thought was missing from the more current books on the subject. These guys are humans. ("Books are not merely 'information containers'")

Hey, speaking of Carver, and editing, and being edited... This is pretty interesting:


and then this:

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Good writing. Looking forward to more.

p.s. keep your eye out for the postman

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