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Pondering it ...

There are real economic consequences to taking on a state. Some people state they want to do this or that but when a moment of pressure comes they cave because of a realization there is more to be lost than gained.

I on the other hand am not in that position and I am not sure how I feel about blindly offering advice or assistance to someone who might come under pressure and decide they don't want to go through with it. I really do not want to feel bad about influencing someone to do something they really do not want to do which will likely have consequences because many in the United States are being coerced by dishonest, unjust institutions. On the other hand if there is anything I could offer that may be of help to someone I would do it.

I write a lot about law but if one looks through my comment history the few times I have offered suggestions to other people my advice is often just pay whatever it is and move on because for most people taking on city hall or a state really isn't worth it in terms of time, money, or aggravation.

So being that I do not care what priests in black robes think or have anything to lose really except my own life ... I am considering whether or not I want to offer to champion this cause. Perhaps it would be better to just do it myself and try to set something up where people can support the cause without taking on any of the personal liability or risk that goes with it.

However it is not something I care to do entirely by myself. The liability/risk part is fine but if one was really interested in going for the juggler of the state on a travel issue it would require a coordinated effort. There needs to be some video evidence, a paper trail, the ability to get documents submitted to magistrates or judges while in jail, documents and strategy should be well planned in advance so for the most part there doesn't need to be any last minute scramble to prepare anything other than an occasional response to a state motion.

Like I said, I am pondering it over and may do a video laying out a proposal because I am wholly of the opinion an organized, planned effort will go a lot farther than a few lone rangers trying to do everything. Maybe some people would be interested in working together on freedom to travel in a way that would not require everyone to take on all of the risk and liability ... maybe not.