Comment: First impression: well there goes the moon.

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First impression: well there goes the moon.

If this was a statement from government I'd just assume the moon has been quietly auctioned off. But it's probably an issue we'll see addressed in our lifetimes. Well most of you will actually. Ghost Smudge will be there trying to take it back.

But let's play this one. OK so UN member states are forbidden from claiming the moon but that membership is officially and actually temporary and we've already activated two bodies of law called "flag law" and "martial law".

We made conquest on the moon and flagged it and there were none to oppose us on that soil therefore it's OURS. USA property (brought to you by Carl's Jr.). Once the UN ceases to exist or we withdraw from it or a member state challenges this, we can assert these laws.

Moving on, this piece takes on the aspect of disinfo as the author says nobody knows if there's anything of value up there. GPR (ground penetrating radar) works in space too and after how many "sensitive scientific missions" have orbitted the moon, you really think nobody has answered the single most important question AFTER are there googly-eyes tentacle monsters there is IS THERE ANYTHING OF VALUE OR STRATEGIC SIGNIFICANCE THERE?

Yes. There is. They don't tell us much but they tell us enough. And the moon is strategically significant. It was the second we stepped foot on it. Know something else? It's a heck of a lot easier to bring things down from the moon than it is to put things up on it.

Adds up fast don't it? And with what we know about who places articles in the media and for what reasons, I guess we can all just assume that a deal has been made or is in dispute.

But somebody owns the moon.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.