Comment: Yeah he's a nice guy and here I'm gonna feed him his teeth

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Yeah he's a nice guy and here I'm gonna feed him his teeth

I do this only for benefit of you younger readers.

PCR has been pumping this stuff out almost since he left Reagan's treasury department. He says a lot of good stuff and he seems to care about people. He waxed eloquently against every war after those of the administration he participated in (Reagan was up to his hips in blood in Central and South America) and he's a competent historian.

And he's been telling the progressive left "there's nothing the people can do about it" for just as long. His consistent message over the years has been "there is nothing the people can do until politicians fix themselves". Nothing. Not one thing. Everything is useless, all protest, all discontent, nothing will work, nothing will have any effect until DC cleans up it's house. His message is clear: be as outraged as you want, there's nothing you can do but wait. Just sit there and take it.

As far as anticipating monetary collapse, you'd think he knows a thing or two as Reagan's Assistant Secretary of the Treasury but when do you see him talking about fiat currency EVER BEFORE THE PAST YEAR? When do you see him talking about a return to gold standard and sound money? NEVER. When did you see him reveal the nature of the Federal Reserve Bank and fractional lending? NEVER THAT'S WHEN.

So what's he doing now but jumping on this bandwagon and pretending to be relevant? Because that's one thing he never was. What it does add up to is he's a shill/gatekeeper. A misinformer and a distractor. He's never been effective so you don't need him. Side step him, walk right around him, he's not worth your time. And don't trust him.

This from one of your elders.

There is nothing strange about having a bar of soap in your right pocket, it's just what's happening.