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State officials began

State officials began gathering records on retirees last year in the wake of Associated Press stories about a pension system for firefighters and law-enforcement officers. An AP story in November described cases in which some workers were able to retire and get rehired into similar jobs without any impact on pensions. Quote Unquote

Hey look they sent the AP in to do a little damage control....something the local lapdog media that protects the Liberal Elites and all the Pigs at the Trough couldn't keep under wraps for so many years.

So it's exposed. I bet the authorities really reign in the problem....this will be the accountability that the AP will bring. More of the same. Especially when they make it out to be just a few dozen......Laughable.

Hey Lapdog Media in Seattle....why don't you do your own god damn job? Do I have to do it for you?

Be Your Own Media!!!