Comment: Nazis swept into prison 90 years ago..

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Nazis swept into prison 90 years ago..

after the Beer Hall Putsch- hitler's failed attempt to take over germany by force, he and his friends were imprisoned (5 year sentence, out in less than a year) in a minimum security facility with many privileges..
ie wearing street clothes, any-time entertaining with both friends from the outside and other fellow prisoners in comfortably furnished private quarters..

1st from left-(lector priest)- Hitler, 4th from left-(master scribe)- Hess.. enjoying a get together in Hitlers "cell"..

Hitler realized a truly successful take over would have to come NOT by force, but from with-IN.
"mein kampf", volume one, (as was dictated by hitler to hess who transcribed).. was into print and ready for execution by the time they were released...

and the rest (nazi party rally in 1934) is history. (or whatever twisted multi-motived version you stumble upon..)