Comment: You are out of your fu**ing mind ...

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You are out of your fu**ing mind ...

... if you think that the states would call a convention "to restrict the powers of the federal government."

Of course, they would SAY that to TRICK people into approving of the convention. But, in what ways have the various state legislatures shown a trend towards liberty? A few marijuana laws? Sure, promoted by pot heads (nothing wrong with pot heads, but they are not *necessarily* libertarians, just people who enjoy their weed).

And, in what ways have the various state legislatures moved towards tyranny? The tyranny/liberty ratio of laws passed over the past 10 years by state legislatures must be AT LEAST 100:1.

They might SAY they want a convention to reign in the federal powers, but they WILL NOT DO THAT once a convention is called.

If you cannot see that, then you are either blind or you are a fraud.

A constitutional convention is ONLY for the purpose of REPLACING the federal Constitution. The people who make up the Congress are no different than the people who make up MOST state legislatures, and it would be THOSE type of people who would participate in a convention -- along with a little "advice" from such dirty people as you get from the United Nations, Council on Foreign Relations, and the like.

Get real. A constitutional convention is the biggest THREAT to liberty out there.