Comment: My thoughts on the whole affair

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My thoughts on the whole affair

I have been aware of the NWO phenomenon for at least a couple of decades and have become aware of huge volumes of associated info. I understand how it can seem overwhelming from the stand point of an individual who is concerned for themselves and their fellow man, but I have come to see it all from a perspective which is more personally responsible and less of the victim.

Even though I acknowledge that there are key powerful people / families who pull all of the strings, there is an aspect to our interconnectedness which I believe plays a pivotal role. Just as has been expressed as much by the suggestion that spreading the awareness of what is going on will make a big difference, when millions of people have a change of heart, everything changes.

I would also go so far as to say that when an individual has a change of heart everything changes, but that is another story. In relation to the "grand plan for the one world government", I see it less as a construct of a minority in power, and more as a manifestation of the consciousness or behaviour of the many. We each contribute to the greater society by holding our own values and making our own choices.

With every action that we make, be it how we choose to spend our money ( i.e where we place our support ), to how we conduct ourselves ethically ( our honesty and commitment to justice ) etc we effect every level of society. Everything has a trickle down effect and nothing is isolated. I believe that our solution to tyranny and the like is personal and does not even need to be associated with resisting it.

The time when enough people start to recognise and treat the brotherhood of man with the care that it has implied, problems such as the global elite will melt away IMO.

Freedom is a byproduct of acceptance - judge not.