Comment: This vid and The Secret are

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This vid and The Secret are

This vid and The Secret are Luciferic dis-info.

They are cribbed fron The Secret Science Behind Miracles, by Max Freedom Long. link:

The important aspect that everyone but Mr. Long neglects to discuss is the good, the right, and divine. It boils down to this: you can ideed manifest your heart's desiers, but only when you are in allignment with the good, the right and the devine. The point is that you are not in control. You need to have the divine's belssing to achieve your goal.

For example, you are on a life's path. If owning a Lamborguini is anithetical to properly walking that path, no amount of subconcious suggestions will bring it to fruition, regardless of that that guy, or The Secret, tells you to the contrary.

Men are not gods. God is the Creator. Man cannot manifest without The Creator's blessing. The Creator is the source for divine creative energy. Those that achieve their goals without the divine are using, stealing if you will, the divine energy of others in a sort of vampiric or parasitic manner with a Luciferian delusion of Man's divinity.

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