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Michael Shrugs

What is at the center of this whole movement? Self interest.

Who did I make this for? I made it for myself. I was basically doing the same thing at Bull! Not bull. This site got bigger because of the new technology, and the fact that Ron Paul was a national sensation for a while.

But look at the ride I got on this site! That was a freaking rush! I learned so much. I met so many people. I had so many new experiences. I had my heart touched, and I had it broken. I met one of my best friends, who lives in East Boston. I love Renato. How else would our paths have crossed? Renato has enriched my life so much.

But I'm ready to get off this ride. Not the Daily Paul per se, but the Daily Paul as it is. All this politics, spinning wheels. I'm ready for the next thing, and it is just clear to me that it isn't Rand Paul.

I hate to disappoint people, but it comes back to self interest. I do like this place. I like the people, and I don't want politics to ruin it.

A smaller Daily Paul is almost a certainty. But it will be nice not to have it spinning so fast, and not to have the intrusion of politics. Some people think sports is a diversion, but what about politics? For me, for the time being, and the foreseeable future, I'm sick of politics. I would like to turn my focus and attention to things that are more meaningful to me personally.

This has been building, but I'm finally moved to action. Seeing Samantha's sister dying of cancer probably has something to do with that. You've only got one life, no point in doing what you don't want to be doing.

I'm sorry to disappoint a bunch of people here, but at the bottom of it, the only thing I know how to do is follow my heart.

"Take care of your heart, and everything else will take care of itself."

Burdensome responsibilities. What should Atlas do, according to Ayn Rand's book?

Atlas shrugs.

"Funk it," says Atlas. "Not my deal. This is your gig. Deal with it."

And when it comes to carrying the weight of the Rand Paul movement on the back of the Daily Paul...

Michael shrugs.

He's the man.