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Comment: I had a similar thing happen

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I had a similar thing happen

These guys came to my carwash and said they needed help with their car down the road, I walked back to see what was going on and there was a nice camaro sitting there idling and they said it wouldn't go into gear, so I got in and put it right in gear and said, "there you go". The guy got in and said it wouldn't move for him and he was just going to get it towed. I said ok and started back to the carwash. They stopped me and said, "since it seems to work for you can you drive it to your carwash so we can give the driver a good address?" I said ok and hopped in and drove it to the carwash. The guys came a little while later and asked if I had a jack so they could get the wheels off before the tow truck came. That's when I realized I just stole somebody's car. I told them I had no jack, and they took off to get one. I let the car sit in my bay overnight (it was late by now) and called the police in the morning (with a modified story that didn't involve me driving the car) and I never heard anything else about it.