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Thanks Sambachico

After posting this I interviewed a local well driller and he said I could expect about 8 to 10 GPM, not the 50 I was dreaming about. My well is only 60 feet deep (45 feet to static) and a neighbor to the North and another to the South of me are still on well water so recharging the supply is an issue.

I am going to go straight solar and fill up my 1500 gallon tank. I'm kind of curious, since you're a prepper kind of guy, how high do I have to put my tank to get decent pressure to the house, about 150 feet away?

And are you saying to run solar power for my pressure tanks, if I get pressure tanks? ("then run a DC booster pump off of solar above-ground with a pressure switch") unclear about this...

Thanks for responding. I plan on videotaping my progress and sharing here. But right now I am fixing a wash that cuts through the property and removing and replacing a crossing over the wash.

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