Comment: Great... we should start by fixing the problems at the top first

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Great... we should start by fixing the problems at the top first

As Ron Paul said many times, he doesn't support the unconstitutional welfare state but would not make cuts there first and hurt the people that have been most adversely affected by our current government policies, but would rein in our interventionist foreign policy and use the savings to work our way towards a free market and a government that followed the constitution. Ron Paul has also stated he wouldn't end the Federal Reserve immediately but would introduce competing currencies and allow the Fed to wither away, which they most likely would do after a complete and thorough audit was made public.

I support free markets but we need to be smart about working our way towards that goal. That's the point I was trying to make... bringing an excessive amount of high tech workers into the country hurts American engineers like you and me and rewards the many corporations that hire as many foreign engineers as the government allows instead of hiring from the huge pool of highly qualified American engineers. We need to rein in the corporatism in trade treaties and in regulations that have given large corporations a huge advantage over smaller competitors, and change tax laws that encourage corporations to outsource, and address the other items I had previously mentioned BEFORE allowing an even greater amount of excessive foreign engineers to come to the U.S. to work.