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Comment: I am a....

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I am a....

...professional truck driver and I see this all the time. Eye contact is the killer. Once it ( eye contact ) has been made, I know that 7-10 minutes of my time has just been spoken for and usually after 9-11 hours of dodging "text heads" and "back seat drivers". My nerves are shot and all I want to do is go to sleep so I can wake up fresh and get home to my wife and children. I must say that every now and then one of these people will catch me on the wrong day and I'll just send them away but every now and then I'll feel the need to take out a little aggression and I'll engage them. They go through their story, practiced and polished. When they are done and waiting for me to hand over some cash ( never a specified amount but "just enough to get home" ) I'll ask them, "Drugs, alcohol, or mental retardation?" "What?" they will say. So I ask them again, "Drugs, alcohol, or mental retardation? Is that why you can't hold down a job?" At this point the tables turn and they know they are no longer in control of the situation and now they are on the defensive. This is where it gets interesting. This is where they break down and tell the truth or move on because they must now work to answer my question. Regardless of their answer, most of the time I'll give them a $20.00 just so long as they answer and I feel like I could believe them. I just like to see them squirm a little. Then I'll point out to them that they would make a hell of a lot more money and be a whole lot safer doing so as a used car salesmen rather than knocking on the door of a 6'3", road weary truck driver. LOL! Just a thought.

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