Comment: A great post by Mr. Koerner

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A great post by Mr. Koerner

" celebration of the classical liberal Anglo-tradition to which they are heirs."

"...the city that was founded on the most sublime culmination of a thousand-year tradition of liberty, it matters very much to the rest of the world whether the lights in the city are on. When, in 1630, John Winthrop used that expression to describe a new American settlement, he wasn't suggesting moral superiority: he was indicating awesome responsibility. For me, so many Americans take that responsibility deeply to heart."

These comments lead me to believe that the author of this great post has read "Albion's Seed" by David Hackett Fischer.

Or at least Daniel Hannan had read "Albion's Seed" when he penned these words:

"...a patriot was someone, on either side of the Atlantic, who was determined to preserve the libertarian exceptionalism of the English-speaking polity against is enemies, internal or external."