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Moving script

I appreciate your attitude and your perspective on this nation. I have often thought of the perspectives of others around the world towards America, Americans and how exactly we have allowed such evil to spew from our, recently realized, private coffers. The social programming has been decades long at least and has been methodical, thorough and effective. To realize what has been done to my mind by the global governors is infuriating. I suppose this is what life is like in the belly of the beast. The threat is all around you and is growing, it is just that the official narrative tends to keep us preoccupied. I stopped watching television five years ago and have never been happier, nor more pissed off. Others are coming to as well. Thank goodness for the hard core patriots like Dr. Paul, William Cooper, Alex Jones and the many others unnamed. Without them I might still be asleep.

Welcome to the revolution brother! We have plenty of opportunity for fresh imaginations and strong spirits. The more the better.